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Commit to Memory Vol 1 Ch 4

<< Synopsis 04 - The Chase [Ongoing Editing] Lan Lan and Peng Zhu stood blankly outside the 'Busy Bean.' "So...where to, leader?" Peng Zhu inquired. 'Curse Ying Ying's long legs.' Lan Lan sighed. She had long disappeared from their sight. "You wouldn't happen to know where she lives, would you?" Peng Zhu haphazardly inquired. "Why … Continue reading Commit to Memory Vol 1 Ch 4

40 Days of Summer Part 2

Where do I even start? He stood at the entrance of a particularly pink section of the bookstore. Pink signs. Pink stands. Pink bookmarks. That color really started to hurt his eyes. Walking past a few pink bookshelves, he stopped and picked up a random novel titled 'Socrates in Love'. While reading the synopsis at … Continue reading 40 Days of Summer Part 2

Commit to Memory 01 Draft

Old Cover: Old Synopsis: "What if I told you that instead of Holmes, you're more suited to being Watson." Those were the last words you said to me before you left for England shortly after our freshman year ended. And boy, did I hate you for it. No offense to Watson fans, but he is … Continue reading Commit to Memory 01 Draft

40 Days of Summer Part 1

Synopsis: Okita Sougo, an aspiring writer slash high school student, is forced to write a novel in a genre that he had the least experience in -- Romance. [This is NOT based on 100 Days of Summer.] *The chapters are broken off into parts without a specific word limit and will likely undergo revision (multiple … Continue reading 40 Days of Summer Part 1

Best Man Sougo Draft 02

Chapter 10: The Wedding (Part 1)   When Sougo’s consciousness returned, he opened his eyes and found himself sitting alone in the dark. His hands and legs were restrained to a wooden chair, by what he felt, was a thick rope. The knot was not tight enough that he couldn't dislocate his wrists to free … Continue reading Best Man Sougo Draft 02

Maybe it’s a good thing, too?

Sometimes, I get these strange scenarios that pop up in my head...Sadly, this is one of them. Theme Song: Good Thing by Tritonal ft. Laurell +++ “Ooh. Check that guy out.” I heard my best friend coo in the direction of the cashier that had just entered for his shift at McDonald’s. “Dark hair AND lightly … Continue reading Maybe it’s a good thing, too?